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Please, no

Disney is reportedly going ahead with Toy Story 3, without Pixar’s participation.

As previously mentioned, I have a five-year-old daughter, so I’ve seen quite a few of Disney’s direct-to-video sequels, and let me tell you, almost without exception they are dreadful. (OK, I found The Lion King 1 1/2 amusing in places, but that was due largely to the strength of the voice cast.)

And I have generally liked the original Disney features — although, come to think of it, the last one I remember enjoying was… hmm, Hercules? And that was pretty lightweight.

Pixar’s output, on the other hand, has been not only of uniformly high quality, but has actually improved with every release. (I can’t wait to see The Incredibles.)

Oh, well, they can’t make me see Toy Story 3; they can only force me to buy it for my children. The price of fatherhood…

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Dumb Old Dad?

Deeje points to Dad Gets the Bimbo Treatment in Verizon Ads and asks:

> I’ve noticed this [trend] as well, and it really [ticks] me off. I know there are a few dads reading this… what do you think?

Me too. It’s easy to say “So what, men have the all power anyway”; but I have an impressionable five-year-old daughter, and I want her to grow up thinking that *both* her parents are smart and deserve respect. (Probably the answer is less TV; but still…)

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Tony, Tony

Concerning the new incarnation of the Tony Kornheiser show:

  • It’s only broadcast in Washington, DC, by contract (i.e. no syndication);

  • It is available over the Internet, however, at SportsTalk 980’s website;

  • iRecordMusic works just fine;

  • It’s apparently a two hour program from 9 to 11, immediately repeated from 11 to 1 (all times Eastern). (I’d have been shocked if TK went back for four hours. At his age?)

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Mr. Tony returns

Tony Kornheiser returns to the Washington, DC radio airwaves starting tomorrow, mornings from 9 to 1, on AM 980. (Four hours? Really?)

Good news for those of us who basically stopped listening to sports radio when TK went off the air last March. (Well, there’s sports radio, and then there’s Tony. I don’t listen to sports radio.)

Looks like it’s time to buy a RadioShark

(…or else capture the audio stream with something like Audio Hijack or iRecordMusic…)

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Preface to an introduction

Random comments about what all this is, exactly:

  • Yes, this is a really barebones weblog right now. I like a clean design… but maybe not this clean. I’ll probably poke around with some CSS at some point, but right now I’m more interested in writing comments. (Any thematic pointers or donations are of course welcome.)

  • What am I doing commenting on C#? I’ve never even written any code in C#. Those comments were occasioned upon the release of Mono 1.0, which I downloaded to my PowerBook, poked around in briefly, and bought a couple of books. This last action engendered a couple of rants which I decided were too ranty to keep as email messages, so I posted them. Then life intervened. In the future you’re more likely to see comments about Python, C++, and C (whatever there is to say about C).

  • “A weblog, huh?” I’ve been slowly drifting towards a mid-life — well, not “crisis” exactly, but something close. The results of the 2004 general election in the United States have accelerated that process. [You might infer from the first posting in “politics” below where I stood in the election, and what my mood is like this week.] So what’s the point of having a web site if I can’t share my angst with the world at large? At the very least, I can get things off my chest, and maybe the act of writing will help set my thoughts in order. (I guarantee no cat pictures. Ever. Might get a dog someday, though.)

  • Speaking of the world at large, I expect to address some of my comments to a wider audience — those of you outside our borders who are wondering what the hell just happened. (So are 49% of us.) I may even dust off some old books and write some thoughts in Esperanto, which I studied some as a teenager but have not done much with since then.

  • Yes, I’m quite a geek. Besides Esperanto, I spent my teen years getting a ham radio license, going to science fiction conventions, and playing table-top baseball simulation games (the old-fashioned way, with dice and charts, though believe me if I’d had a computer at home back then I’d have been all over it). In adulthood, I’ve owned a variety of Macs and even two Newtons. Despite this, I’m married to a beautiful woman and have a wonderful daughter and a baby boy on the way, so there’s hope for you junior geeks.

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