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Preface to an introduction

Random comments about what all this is, exactly:

* Yes, this is a _really_ barebones weblog right now. I like a clean design… but maybe
not _this_ clean. I’ll probably poke around with some CSS at some point, but
right now I’m more interested in writing comments. (Any thematic pointers or
donations are of course welcome.)

* What am I doing commenting on C#? I’ve never even written any code in C#.
Those comments were occasioned upon the release of Mono 1.0, which I downloaded
to my PowerBook, poked around in briefly, and bought a couple of books. This
last action engendered a couple of rants which I decided were too ranty to
keep as email messages, so I posted them. Then life intervened. In the future
you’re more likely to see comments about Python, C++, and C (whatever there is to
say about C).

* “A weblog, huh?” I’ve been slowly drifting towards a mid-life — well, not
“crisis” exactly, but something close. The results of the 2004 general election
in the United States have accelerated that process. [You might infer from the
first posting in “politics” below where I stood in the election, and what my
mood is like this week.] So what’s the point of having a web site if I can’t
share my angst with the world at large? At the very least, I can get things off
my chest, and maybe the act of writing will help set my thoughts in order. (I
guarantee *no* cat pictures. Ever. Might get a dog someday, though.)

* Speaking of the world at large, I expect to address some of my comments to
a wider audience — those of you outside our borders who are wondering what
the hell just happened. (So are 49% of us.) I may even dust off some old books
and write some thoughts in [Esperanto](, which I
studied some as a teenager but have not done much with since then.

* Yes, I’m quite a geek. Besides Esperanto, I spent my teen years getting a ham
radio license, going to science fiction conventions, and playing table-top
baseball simulation games (the old-fashioned way, with dice and charts, though
believe me if I’d had a computer at home back then I’d have been all over it).
In adulthood, I’ve owned a variety of Macs and even two Newtons. Despite
this, I’m married to a beautiful woman and have a wonderful daughter and a baby
boy on the way, so there’s hope for you junior geeks.