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Bandwagon and DreamHost

So now Bandwagon and DreamHost are co-operating on a promotion: DreamHost members get a year of Bandwagon, and vice versa.

Well, I haven’t had a chance to set up my Bandwagon account yet — and, as has been pointed out, it may not be an optimal solution for large iTunes collections — but I’m a DreamHost subscriber, and my renewal date is coming up in a couple of months, so here goes. Now all three of you who read my blog will have something to chew on for another five months. (Hey, I couldn’t keep up with the blog when I wasn’t working full-time — what makes you think I’ll do any better now?)


  1. Nick Bastin
    Nick Bastin August 5, 2007

    In our competition of who can post very-infrequently-but-still-more-than-the-other-guy, it now appears that I am winning with 3 posts this year. Sadly, with you going on the DL like this, it looks like I’ll have no real competition. Any chance you’ll be reactivated for the playoffs?

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