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Ride the Bandwagon

Bandwagon logo

Bandwagon launches tomorrow; it purports to back up your entire iTunes library over the Internet to their servers (or alternatively to your Amazon S3 box) for a flat rate. Updates occur automatically in the background. Sounds like a good idea, if they can pull it off. (Mac only at the moment, apparently.)

Disclaimer: This post is earning me, like others, a free one-year subscription.


  1. Jolo
    Jolo February 22, 2007

    Thanks for blogging about us. We are blind and can’t find your email. Send it to me and I will give you your free account.

  2. Nick Bastin
    Nick Bastin July 17, 2007

    Here’s the thing…it took me all day to back up my iTunes library to 26 DVDs. I’m pretty sure a station wagon full of magnetic tapes would guarantee me better throughput than the internet in this case.

  3. Russell Finn
    Russell Finn July 22, 2007

    So I’m trying it out now — it claims it will take nearly five days to back up the 4270 items in my library (~20 GB). On the other hand, I don’t have to keep popping DVDs into my drive. (On the gripping hand, I’m not paying $24/year to backup my files to my own online storage — hopefully the syncing features will come along soon…)

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