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Month: February 2005

Hey, where've you been?

Well, I’ve been really busy, is all. How do you people find time to post every day? I’ve got a wife and a kid (make that *two* kids now, which is obviously a large part of the issue), a job, a commute… I barely have time to listen to the *radio* anymore. (And I lost my iPod somewhere…)

So since virtually all of the activity over the last six weeks has been from comment spammers, and since WordPress 1.5 has just hit the streets, I’m taking the opportunity to switch over. You like it? It’s so *purty*, too…

Switching was pretty easy, too, especially since I’d been playing around with WP last December and kept a parallel copy of all my posts; so it was really just a matter of following the 1.5 upgrade instructions. A few little graphical glitches here and there, but I’ll probably be hacking the CSS anyway soon.

I should probably think of a more clever name for the weblog, too. Hmm…

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