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It's official: the Orioles stink (update: so does Tampa)

That must have been the worst half-inning in ten years.

Double, single, homer, triple, single, single, single, strikeout.

Exit R. Lopez. Hope we can get a sack of baseballs for you now…

Enter Birkins. Fly ball, homer, walk, homer, double. Exit Birkins.

The fourteenth batter of the inning strikes out. 10 runs, 10 hits. Break up the Rays…

you know, this could be a pretty good team if the pitching shaped up a little. we oughta get a good pitching coach, like the one the braves used to have all those years … what was his name again?

Update: apparently while I was writing this very entry the O’s went single, single (pitching change), walk, sac fly, walk, single, single (pitching change), walk, single, RBI ground out, single (pitching change), single, single, strikeout. Not as much power, but more productive outs. Sadly, one run fewer: 9 runs, 8 hits.

Then the Orioles got the bases loaded with no out the next inning and couldn’t score. And that leads to your final: 13-12, Tampa. (Apparently the O’s couldn’t quite get into field goal range before time ran out in the 9th.)