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Still shopping around

As you can see, I’ve installed [Movable Type]( I hoped it would be easier to get things like comments and trackbacks working. Plus I can check out the very promising [MarsEdit]( for writing posts. And now my blog looks less spartan and more… well, more like every other MT blog. But hopefully that can be addressed too.

After my experience with WordPress, I installed MT to use Berkeley DB rather than MySQL, but since the dynamic publishing capabilities seem to require MySQL, I may have to switch over again. Probably I should do that before I get too many entries here.

…speaking of which, I seem to have changed over just after [Nick]( became the first person to link to me. And now I’ve gone and broken those links. [Edit: I made an effort to see if I could fix this with an appropriate set of RewriteRules, but that way lies madness, so I guess Nick will just have to fix his links.] Sorry, Nick.