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This is getting out of hand

About a month ago a coworker offered me a [Gmail]( invitation.
Although I prefer to use a regular IMAP mail client to access my mail,
I figured I’d take him up on the offer and reserve a reasonable email address.

The next time I logged into Gmail was this morning. Of course I had no new
messages in my inbox, which is not surprising since I’d never given this
address to anyone.

I did, however, have a piece of spam. Received less than three weeks after
creating the Gmail address. Which (to repeat) I never gave to *anyone.*
And which uses a different account name than the one I normally use
(at which I get about 750 pieces of spam a month).

By the way, Gmail’s filters had caught the spam. Good to know, and no less
than I’d expect, really. So if I post a feedback link to this blog, I may
well use that address instead.

But really, the whole thing was quite breathtaking. They say 75% of the traffic
that crosses the Internet these days is spam. I’m beginning to think it’s time
to chuck SMTP and invent a new, fully authenticating mail protocol.