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Well, that was a waste of time…

The events of the past week having motivated me to restart my weblog, I decided
to take a look at [WordPress](, which seems to be getting
popular and looks like it has some nice features.

So I downloaded it. Gee, it requires a MySQL database. Now I’ve got a lot of
software experience, but it happens that SQL databases is not one of those things
I’ve ever needed to use before. OK, so it’s easy to create a MySQL database at
my [webhost](, and the WordPress setup automatically
creates all the necessary data structures.

So now I figured I’d change the auto-generated password. [And here my troubles
began.]( The new
password didn’t work. I clicked on the “lost my password” link. WordPress
sent me a new password. _That_ one didn’t work. Oh well, I thought, I haven’t
really done anything I can lose, yet, so I deleted the database and recreated
it, made a test post, and went to bed.

This morning there were _seven_ pieces of comment spam waiting for moderation.
I’d made exactly _one_ post, with commenting turned off, and apart from a
reference in a set of PyCon notes, nobody even knows I have a blog. I can’t
be having _this…_

…but, not ready to give up, I deleted the spam and tried to make a couple of
new posts, figuring there must be something in the WordPress community about
this. Then I tried changing my password again. Bad idea; same problem. I checked
the WordPress websites. Hey, it’s a known problem, and there’s a way to fix it
— edit the database directly. Boo. Hey, my webhost supports phpadmin. Yay.
Hey, I can’t log into my own database with _any_ password I can think of. Boo.

People, I’m sure there’s something obvious to do at this point, but I’ve got a
job; I’ve got a family; I’ve got a life; and I’m pretty sure a simple weblog
doesn’t really need a freakin’ SQL database. It’s just words, right?

So I’m back to Blosxom for now. (Sorry, [Ted](, Pyblosxom
wasn’t looking very stable for me last spring; at that time, even one of the
developers had switched his own blog to WordPress or MT or something. I’m sure
it’s better now, but I’m not interested in hacking a blog; I just want to write.)

Also, no comments for now. If you want to comment, (a) get your own blog, or (b)
send me an email (I’m not posting my email address, but you can probably deduce
it) and if it’s cogent or worth a reply, I’ll post it.